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GEFCO China: leading player and innovative influencer for Logistics in China


GEFCO CHINA- leading player and innovative influencer for Logistics in China providing Freight Forwarding and Automotive Logistics at both international and domestic levels. At GEFCO, our experts provide flawless, comprehensive, optimized and integrated Logistics solutions. Delivering a first-class service for Air and Ocean freight, Customs & Tax, Quarantine, Trucking, Finished Vehicles Logistics and Warehousing management. We care about and understand the needs of our Customers’ to contribute to our clients’ business success & international growth.

Crucial within the global GEFCO network, GEFCO China provides integrated supply chain solutions. Our experience and partnership focus for our customers sets us apart from the competition. Certified ISO 9001:2015, GEFCO continually strives to improve.

A fast-growing force in China

Our 70 years experience in Automotive logistics is a key pillar to our development in China. Operating since 2004 in China, GEFCO is putting its engineering capabilities to help our Customers challenge its supply chain in constant evolution. Our strong international network, our presence in more than 15 cities in China, our multimodal solutions and our knowledge of the markets enable us to plan, to act and to react quickly and efficiently in an uncertain environment, meeting our Customers specific requirements.

Our know-how in supply chain management for Global and Major Manufacturers in various industries is a gage of warranty to your future success. Your satisfaction and recognition are our priorities!

‘Unlimited partners’. We aim at growing with partners altogether. Combining our both strengths in a long term win-win cooperation is the best way to ally our advanced expertise with Partners local know-how.

Partnerships with DongFeng in Wuhan and with Minsheng in Shenzhen are two successful experiences for the best benefits of our local Customers.

The GEFCO China solutions include:

International freight

  • Road Transport: Pick-up and delivery service
  • Airfreight: Consolidations, Time Critical Solutions (AOG, First Flight Out)
  • Ocean Freight: LCL/ FCL, Ocean project cargo, Ocean Thermosensitive
  • Industrial Project Cargo (RORO, Out of Gauge, Break Bulk Cargo)
  • Rail Transport: TSR, TCR service to and from East/Western Europe, CIS and Russia 
  • Warehousing: Full packaging solutions, Cross-docking, kitting customization
  • Customs and Tax: Import and Export

Finished vehicles

  • Door-to-door solutions for complete built-up units, integrating pre-carriage, international and domestic transportation, storage, customs management, track and trace
  • Vehicles compound design and operations management
  • Domestic distribution to end dealers with flows engineering and high quality of operations execution
  • The new subsidiary in Chongqing is specializing in importation/exportation of finished vehicles by rail between Europe/Russia/China.

Parts and General Cargo

  • Global sourcing – Door to door supply chain management:
    • Pick of cargo at origin points (Milk-run and linehauls)
    • Trade optimization, with Customs management
    • International transportation through consolidation hub
    • Optimized transportation
  • In-plant logistics
    • Warehouse management near Assembly lines requiring timely and accurate processes
    • Sequenced preparation and lineside deliveries
    • Packaging management
  • Warehousing
    • Inventory and Orders management
    • Warehouse layout design and flows optimization
    • VMI and cross-docking
    • Quality and KPI compliance

Our network

At GEFCO China, we are committed and passionate to designing innovative supply chain solutions that challenges the status quo and meets the most sophisticated demands from our Customers. Headquartered in Shanghai, thanks to our growth and network coverage in more than 15 cities in China nationwide, we are delivering multimodal services on international and domestic scales with high efficiency. Above all, with a strong desire to continuously innovate in a competitive logistics market, we enjoy what we do.

Laurent SIK

Managing Director, GEFCO China


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Why choose GEFCO? I believe GEFCO are the ultimate team – globally we work together to achieve the same goal of building strong partnerships with our customers. At GEFCO China, our diligent team work hard and work fast. They are focused on understanding your company challenges, driving innovation to deliver the best solutions to support your business and always maintain the quality and accuracy that we’re known for at GEFCO.

Katherine Shek

Asia Regional Director, GEFCO Freight Forwarding