GEFCO global sponsor of the Automotive Logistics China conference 2017

22 March 2017

GEFCO was pleased to take part in the ‘Automotive Logistics China – 2017’ international conference that took place on April 11-13, 2017 at Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao.

With more than 100 companies participating in the conference, including car makers, producers of automotive components and spare parts and leading logistics providers, the occasion proved to be one of the leading events for the automotive industry this year.

The China conference consisted of 8 sessions:

1.Towards China logistics 2025 : This session explored the government strategies aiming to create a world-class car industry, looking at issues of globalisation and quality as well as sales and manufacturing forecasts.
2. Multimodal 2025 : An overview of the investment required to develop China’s transport infrastructure and encourage more service providers there to support a move to multimodal logistics.
3. Manufacturing 2025 : New entrants in the vehicle manufacturing sector are already using the latest technologies and ideas to change their products – for example, producing electric and autonomous cars.
4. Where the new world meets the old world : China is leading the world in the use of e-commerce. So what lessons can we learn from the supply chains that support the e-commerce sector and how exactly will e-commerce impact on finished vehicle and spare parts distribution?
5. Keeping China supplied: As the biggest vehicle manufacturing region in the world, ensuring a stable, efficient inbound is absolutely critical to China’s booming automotive production sector. So just how can this be achieved?
6. Finished Vehicle Logistics 2025 Finished vehicle logistics is changing fast in China, with new regulations on trailer dimensions affecting the physical and further developments in technology making the digital more central to logistics than ever.
7. Aftermarket & Service Parts – Evolution or Revolution? Are you prepared for the e-world? What will the shift to electric vehicles mean for the parts supply sector? And what are the opportunities for production and service sectors to work together more closely?
8. Vision: A high-level panel of experts reveal their visions of the future and their aspirations for the logistics operations of tomorrow.

Emmanuel Arnaud, Vice President Group Sales & Marketing, attended to the conference, and Laurent Sik, Managing Director of GEFCO China  presented ‘Finished Vehicle Logistics 2025’ in the 6th session sharing its views to cope with the new legislation GB1589 on the trucks dimensions and weight. He also invited the Cars manufacturers to work with /4PL on a closer manner in order to share resources and to implement optimized solutions to reduce the cost.
This was a great opportunity to increase our brand awareness in China.
GEFCO has continued to sponsor the event on a global scale for a number of years. Alongside the conference in China, GEFCO has also been in attendance at the "Automotive Logistics Mexico 2017".