As a logistics integrator, GEFCO relies on the robustness of its transport, warehousing and customs services as well as the density of its network in order to provide you with efficient domestic and international solutions. These solutions are coordinated by a single point of contact who is responsible for the performance of the entire supply chain.


Inbound supplies of industrial sites requires a complex, reliable organization. GEFCO has developed recognized expertise in this field to help you to keep on top of your game from the very start of your industrial project.

Our services:

  • Engineering physical, financial and information flows; Analysis of potential logistics configurations.
  • Setting up and managing inter-continental transport plan
  • Road transportation: LTL/FTL/Milk-run, consolidation (cross-docking)
  •  Stock management close to the plant
  • Conditioning and re-conditioning into industrial packaging
  • Operations of delayed differentiation: subassemblies preparation, configuration, "kitting"
  • Sequenced deliveries to plants
  • Emergency transport solutions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Collection of manufacturers reusable packaging within the factory
  • In-plant logistics  

To support your “Global Sourcing” strategy, GlOBAL SOURCING SOLUTION combines GEFCO’s logistics expertise and its global network by optimising your international supply flow from China to your production site all over the world with value added services:

  • Monitoring collections (milk runs, direct linehauls)
  • Trade
  • Customer Clearance
  • International Consolidation Hub
  • Storage and Order Processing in VMI / Cross Dock
  • Multi-modal transport to production plant
  • Optimization of container filling rate
  • IT web Track & Trace / WMS


Our distribution solutions to your warehouses or sales points can be dedicated or pooled and integrate the special characteristics of your products, your distribution network and seasonality.

  • Bonded / (non-bonded) warehouse management
  • Order picking
  • Re-packing
  • Quality control
  • kitting and sub-assembly operations


Ensuring reliable after-sales logistics is an everyday challenge that GEFCO teams understand perfectly and manage very successfully.​

  • We devise specific automotive transport plans for "stock" flows and implement a specific service for "Urgent" flows.
  • We also manage dedicated distributon centres and ensure:
    • order preparation; 
    • packaging;
    • daytime and night time deliveries to car dealers; 
    • management of returns under warranty.
    • customs: administrative and customs formalities for imports/exports and temporary admission
  • For non-automotive industries we ensure regular deliveries to distributors and dealerships. We also implement exceptional delivery solutions on site (plant, platform, etc.).