Number one in Europe for finished vehicle logistics, with more than 4 million units shipped per year, we provide you with a range of key expertise: logistics engineering, multimodal transport, storage and preparation of vehicles as well as their distribution.


Our teams ensure the flexible management for mass production flows for passenger and commercial vehicles.

Their fields of expertise:

  • Flow engineering and optimisation of logistics solutions,
  • Flow management in accordance with manufacturers' standards,
  • Flow tracking via a dedicated online portal,
  • Event management and continuous improvement.

Transport of Import / export flows

With extensive network of partners, GEFCO offers door-to-door international solution for your import / export flows with a package of services, including sea transportation (Containerized, ro-ro), inspection, Quality Control, Storage, custom clearance, documentation, etc.

The innovative multimodal solution  offers you a new alternative to your transport plan between Europe and China.

Transport of prestige vehicles and prototypes

GEFCO also provides tailor-made services for the transport of prestige vehicles and prototypes during manufacturers' research and development stages (models, pre-series, etc.), or events (VIP customers, official cars, trade shows, launches, press presentations, photo shoots).


We implement delivery solutions for dealerships in accordance with rigorous quality stand, including spot deliveries, urgent transport,  in accordance with rigorous quality standards and processes standardised throughout our network.

Our teams also manage daily activity performance using specific performance indicators.

Finally, our Automotive portal and G Track + mobile application guarantee perfect real time visibility of vehicle delivery and stock levels, and also allows dealers to register their deliveries.


The GEFCO global network has 90 secure finished vehicle centres, 48 of which are equipped with workshops.
Experts in storage and customisation of vehicles, we offer a variety of value-added operations to meet manufacturers' requirements.

Compound Management

Operation efficiency on a compound will require preliminary optimized surface design. GEFCO’s expertise in engineering realizes maximization of the utility of space, productivity ratio on Regional Distribution Center and minimization of  the risk of damages.

Compound management system provides real-time management with handheld devices, efficient allocation of staff resources, optimization module of storage surface, dashboard and reporting to monitor the operation efficiency.

Vehicle preparation and customization

Prior to the vehicle being shipped to the point of sale, GEFCO offers a series of Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) services:

  • Mechanical testing
  • Removal of protective covers
  • Mechanical and electrical tests
  • Final quality control

Post-Production Operations (PPO) can also be executed as required.